Chapter 13: Life After High School

About 3 months ago to the day, I experienced the most amazing day of my life (as did many other 18 year olds): high school graduation. As liberating and great as that day felt, now the time has come where we’re all either moved into our college dorms, or we’re about to. We’ve been uprooted from the comfort of our parents’ homes and hometown familiarity and put into a cramped dorm room in a town that we’re not so familiar with.

That’s why I’ve created this blog. We went through 12 grades of school in our hometown, 12 chapters of our life. And now we’re moving onto a new chapter, chapter 13, our new lives as college students and adults.

This experience can be a whirlwind of emotions. I’ve gone from being incredibly homesick to feeling absolutely free in a matter of minutes since I moved into my dorm on Sunday. Moving away from the comfort of home and friends is the hardest thing that an 18 year old high school student can go through.

Writing is my outlet. This is a place where I can talk about the confusion, sadness, and excitement of officially being an adult and officially being a college student.

Follow my blog. Follow me as I journey through the 13th chapter of my life.


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